About us

Omega Steel is one of the leading manufacturers of Steel Bars in Sudan. Built on the values of reliability and quality, Omega Steel has become one of the most trusted suppliers to the construction industry in Sudan. With a production capacity of over 500 MT per day, Omega Steel can provide consistent and dependable supply for your projects.

Run by an international team of professionals with a cumulative experience of more than 300 years in the metals manufacturing industry, and backed by Italian steelmaking technology, Omega Steel manufactures quality steel that is compliant not only with Sudanese standards, but also with British and Indian standards. Given our management’s rich experience in specialised steelmaking in India and in other parts of Africa, we bring world-class levels of service and quality to Sudan.

We are one of Sudan’s few integrated manufacturers – with full control over the steelmaking process – right from scrap up to finished products. Our melt-shop allows us to monitor chemistry and quality from the beginning up to the end.

Cumulative experience of more than 300 years in the metals manufacturing industry, and backed by Italian steelmaking technology. .


Comparison Chart

Other Rebar TMX

Integrated Production

Not all rebar in Suban are produced through an integrated process Full control over melting and rolling quality

Thermomechanical Treatment

May have lower tensile strength due to the absense of quenching Every rebar undergoes thermo-mechanical quenching for enhancedstrength


Many rebar can crackunder bending and re-bending conditions TMX Rebar can be bent and re-bent without any visual surface defects


Offen rebar can crack at the point of welding if its chemistry is not properly controlled Omega TMX can be welded without any problems and displays high bond strength

Cross Rib Design

Not Available Omega TMX comes withour unique cross rib design. Double the ribs,double the grip.

Production Process


We every 15 minutes to ensure that every piece of steel coming off our lines is of the highest quality.

In order to consistently manufacture steel bars that can withstand the roughest of environments and that exceed international quality standards, Omega Steel Company operates an in-house physical and chemical laboratory to continually monitor quality standards. Production samples are systematically tested periodically to ensure that they adhere to our stringent criteria.

Equipped with state of the art thermo-mechanical treatment (TMT) facilities, Omega Steel is one of the few companies in Sudan that manufactures high-grade steel even while maintaining a low Carbon, Sulphur and Phosphorus content. This ensures high bendability without compromising on yield strength.

Omega Steel is one of the few companies in Sudan that manufactures high-grade steel even while maintaining a low Carbon, Sulphur and Phosphorus content.


Omega Steel aims to be a responsible citizen of Sudan and provide strength and safety not just through its steel, but also through its wider social efforts. In line with our commitment towards social responsibility, we conduct various programs to uplift the society of Sudan.


Environment: As a recycling company, Omega Steel uses waste scrap as its raw material – reducing its carbon footprint. Moreover, we have installed one of the largest pollution treatment plants in the country, ensuring that all waste gases are properly cleaned and treated before they are released into the environment.


Education: We believe that education is the backbone of every country’s socioeconomic growth and development. We conduct various programs for university students to visit our factory and learn about factory operations and steelmaking. Such practices will allow Sudan to slowly become self-dependant and reduce the need for expatriate workers.


Culture: Along with the economy, culture is essential strength for any country. Sudan’s rich and diverse history is to be celebrated. We facilitate and sponsor various cultural programs for Sudanese people to showcase their colourful history.